Update | Week 1

“It’s okay to not be okay.” Those were the words a dear friend sent me off with. I needed that reminder at the time. Change is hard for me, and I don’t know that I’ve ever had a bigger change than the one I went through this week!

Surrounded by Spanish. Dirt roads, cold showers, slow phone service, no WiFi, no air conditioning, different plants and animals, new people, new places, new culture.

A street in Concepción, the city I am closest to.

And yet, this has been such a sweet and peaceful week in my soul that at times I’m tempted to feel guilty about it! It seemed to take no time at all for me to feel at home with my new family. The kiddos especially welcomed me in with such enthusiasm that it’s been overwhelming at times! I feel so very safe here, and so very loved.

So it seems that one of the first lessons God has for me is that it’s okay to be okay. It’s okay to be loved just because I exist – to not have to earn the love and affection of a family. It’s okay for things to not be as hard as I thought they would be.

But it seems like the lesson is also the fact that God will put us where He knows we were meant to be. God is not just shaping us; He is shaping the works He intends for us to do. As we follow Him in obedience in the everyday things He places before us, He will lead us into the works that He has prepared in advance for us. Every act of obedience matters, not matter how small, and obedience to Him is always worth it.

My schoolhouse, as seen from my house.

So far, the only fear I had that’s been realized is cold showers… buuuut I gotta have some form of hardship to fuel my prayer life, right? 😜

Other ways I’ve been blessed have been finding out that I understand Spanish better than I realized (though speaking it is still pretty difficult for me), feeling the spiritual love shared by believers I’ve just met, feeling God’s love for the children at the children’s home, being fed extremely well, having the best frappes ever, discovering I love Bolivian food (so far, haha), and getting to meet my first wild tarantula! (Yes, I like spiders. They are God’s handiwork, too! Someone’s gotta glory in that part of creation! Haha.)

  • Specific ways you can be praying include:
    • And end to the fires in Bolivia. It’s currently the dry season, so fires are normal, but they are worse than normal this year, and are being used as leverage in political situations.
      An amazing start to the school year! I long for my classroom to be full of the Spirit and power of God. I want academics to not be an end, but a means of pressing my student’s souls deeper into Christ.
      That I would be filled with the Spirit of God to be a living example of Jesus for my students and for everyone else I encounter.
      That I would be able to improve in Spanish quickly, and have the courage to mess up as I learn!
      For favor as we work on immigration paperwork for me.

    Let me know how I can be praying for you! Rest in the love and favor of our Lord Jesus. Brothers and sisters, you are loved with an everlasting love! And if you haven’t given your life to Jesus, I’d love to talk to you about how that everlasting love can be yours. ❤️

    God bless you!


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    1. It’s so exciting to hear how He is blessing you there. 🙂

      Sorry about the cold showers. 😛


      If I may ask… what kinds of food do you have there? 🙂

      I’ll definitely be praying! ❤

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      1. Yes, you certainly may ask! 😊 For the most part, I’ve been eating American style food! Haha. The Yoders mostly cook American at home. Last night we have chicken alfredo and brownies! But I have been able to have a few Bolivian foods. One thing I really have enjoyed is empeñadas de arroz. It’s basically rice and cheese caked into a cake. I’ve had a snack made from cheese and cornmeal that was pretty tasty, but very starchy and hard for me to finish for that reason, haha. Lots of rice, lots of yuca – which is a tuber similar to a potato. Lots of salads made mostly from tomatoes and beans. I’ve had some chicken kabobs and other meat cooked down here, and so far it’s all be delicious! Today I got to try a traditional drink called chincha! It’s basically boiled corn and sugar. I wasn’t a huge fan of that – but it sounds like I’ll have pleeeeenty more opportunities to become a fan of it. 🤣

        Thanks so much for your prayers! 💜

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        1. Oh I didn’t expect that! 🙂

          Mmm, empeñadas de arroz sounds good! 😀

          I’ve heard of yuca root! (Oregon Trail game, haha! XD)

          Mmm, tomatoes and beans and chicken – that sounds good anyway.

          Oh my. XD Haha! I hoped they have hot chocolate or something there since it’s “winter”. XD

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