Update | Week 4

It has been a sweet week. There’s nothing sweeter, it seems, than fellowship with saints who are of the same heart and mind – the same desire, to make much of Jesus Christ and live every moment for Him.

The house has been full of visitors who are full of Jesus, and the result has been a bubbling over of joy and life and song. Dear brothers and sisters, don’t forsake meeting together. Encourage one another. Build one another up. Speak truth to one another. Tell your siblings in Christ the good work that you see the Father doing in them.

And then when you get together and pray, you can pray for rain to come to my part or Bolivia! 😉 Please also pray that the electric company comes out to hook up the Yoder’s home to electricity. They are two weeks past due now. The house is even almost completely wired – the only thing missing is the actual electricity!

Riding to the mountain in style. And by in style I mean the top of a Jeep, with two kiddos and a guitar. 🎸

Last Friday was día de estudiantes (Students’ Day) in Bolivia, which meant a half day of school and the rest of the time playing games and enjoying coke or Fanta floats! Since the school days here in Bolivia only go until 12:30, it was a short day indeed for a teacher used to American ways, haha.

Life with Jesus can be hard. But often times, it’s very sweet. And always, it is worth it.

Keep after Him, friends!

With love in Christ,


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    1. It actually reminds me of my own homeschooling days! It was pretty normal to finish before lunch, haha. When you’re the only one in your class it makes things go faster. But since I used to teach a 6 hour school day, 4.5 did feel very short at first! Now it feels just right. And I bet 6 would feel like an eternity. XD

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