Teachers and Trees

Happy World Teacher’s Day! I get the day off today – but that’s because I’m in the big city, getting paperwork done for immigration. But that meant enjoying my first affogato (which I enjoyed very much), so there’s that, anyway!

Anyway… I tend to think about teaching a lot. Which might be because I’m a teacher. But recently while listening in on someone else’s conversation (teachers are good at that) my mind was lit up with a picture of what a teacher is.

Teachers are like trees. Or any plant, really, but trees sound more poetic. And alliteration-y.

Teachers are like trees because they start out needy yet humble, and therefore willing to receive. The little saplings freely drink in all the nourishment the Lord sends them from the sky and the earth. The little trees take all that is given them and grow into big, strong, stately things.

Perhaps being able to use a description like this is another reason I like the idea of comparing teachers to trees. Ha. Yet, so far, doesn’t this describe all humans? Small and helpless at the start, and unable to grow unless able to humble themselves and receive – and learn. I mean, call me pretentious but I’m assuming someone taught you how to read…

What makes teachers stand out in the midst of the forest is that their ultimate goal in being made strong is to pour out what they have received to see others made strong. A teacher’s job is to take everything stored in him or her and give of themselves to fill up others.

This can be scary. This can be vulnerable. But when it’s done right, the end result is always life! And just as when the tree nears the height of its giving, it bursts into floral glory; so the teacher is at his or her most glorious when pouring out in selfless abandon, giving his or her life that others may become big, strong, and stately.

Teachers, keep on receiving. From Jesus first, then from everyone else around you. Then, keep on giving. The grace, the gifts, the life that rain down in us from heaven and that we soak up from the earth – these are given to us so that we can pour them out again.

Made strong to be poured out… that is the life of a tree; that is the life of a teacher.

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