Rain! | Week 6 Update

Today felt like a real October day to me. High of 65, had to pull out my hoodie! Aaaaand this cold front brought with it… RAIN! Praise Jesus! It rained really hard three times this week! It feels like all of creation is rejoicing. The trees and hills are turning green again, the frogs are coming out, birds are singing. And I didn’t realize how exciting puddles can be. 🙂

Yay puddles!

Also this week, we got even closer to getting my two-year visa! Lord willing, in ten days we’ll be able to submit everything to immigration! It feels so good to be so close!

We began a study of the sun this week, and so we used sunshine and magnifying glasses to burn holes into chocolate! There was fire and smoke involved. I’ve never boiled chocolate with a magnifying glass before, but it sure was fun!

Solar-powered chocolate burning party

This coming week, Joyce is going to be flying to the states for ten days! We’re all very excited for her, but there’s a slight sense of how in the world do we function without her, haha. Pray for her and for us!

You can also pray…

  • For inspiration and creativity for me as a teacher, and to know how to breathe that inspiration and creativity into my students
  • For the wisdom to know when to say yes and when to say no needs arise this week
  • A deeper and deeper unity and friendship with my brothers and sisters in Christ here – and especially with the Yoders

May Jesus rain down a deeper revelation of Himself on you all this week!

Blessings in Him,


4 thoughts on “Rain! | Week 6 Update

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    1. Hehe, that was a very fun science project. You could smell the chocolate burning and sometimes flames were involved. Very small ones, but still. We were playing with fire. XD YAY SCIENCE! XD

      And yes, YAY RAIN!!!! Send us more, Jesus!

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