Well everyone, I have a new pet! I guess part of me also wonders if I need a good scolding… Meet Screwtape the scorpion! 🦂

Does this not just scream fearfully and wonderfully made???

Sometimes I think that Jesus must have been laughing when He gave me my particular set of interests. I have a heart that swells at the sight of spiders and scorpions and creepy crawlies in general. They excite me in an inspiring kind of way, and when one comes across my path, I can’t help but smile and think how much God must love me to have made creatures such as those.

I’m an oddball. But I’m content to fully embrace my oddballness to the glory of Jesus. 🙂

Screwtape here was more than just a gift from Jesus; the way I found him was a reminder to me that Jesus is watching over my steps and keeping my feet from stumbling. Or stepping on scorpions.

Thursday afternoon was when I first noticed them: termite wings. EVERYWHERE. It looked like the termite apocalypse had happened. Or the termite rapture if the wings of termites were left behind. Ha.

So that afternoon I decided to sweep out the shower. Because I didn’t want to take a shower standing on a mat of termite wings. As I began to sweep out the airy little things, something black and skinny showed up.

Since this is now the third scorpion of this species I’ve seen here, I recognized it pretty easily. However, I thought it was dead. So I began to sweep it up with the rest of the wings.

Then it ran away from me. Sooooooo I did what makes sense to very few people in this world: I ran to my room and grabbed a glass jar to keep it in and a big ol’ feather (looks just like a Canada Goose feather, but I doubt it is since I’m like… not close to their range right now haha) that I used to coax the little guy into the little jar.

I was – and am – quite delighted with the little guy. A friend jokingly suggested Screwtape as a name and well… it stuck. Haha.

Once the excitement of my new pet began to settle, I realized that had it not been for those wings, my housemate or I could so easily have turned on the shower and stepped on that scorpion.

Screwtape acts like he’s nearing the end of his days, but while they remain I’ll take care of this little blessing from Jesus and remember every time I see Him that the Lord watches over our steps!

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