Long Distance Fellowship | Week 8 Update

Today was Election Day in Bolivia! Things should be calm today and even in the next few days, but there is potential for emotion to erupt into action in the weeks to come. Please be praying for favorable results from the election, and for the peace of Bolivia in the coming months! Pray that these elections would be another tool God uses to advance His Kingdom Bolivia.

This is Muffin. Cat pictures make every blog more interesting, right? 🐈

One thing that kept coming to mind this week was the incredible blessing and strength that comes from comaraderie. Missions can be a lonely course for many. So many people who choose to faithfully follow Jesus, whether at home or abroad, face being misunderstood or even rejected by their friends and family.

This is a hardship I’ve not had to walk through. I’m blessed beyond measure by the family and friends in my life. I am showered with love and support and prayers. Friends consistently messaging me to see how I’m doing and to hear what God is doing in me.

This is not normal, and I am so very grateful. But it’s grown in me a desire to make sure that I am being that friend who is building up my brothers and sisters in Christ!

Many times, people will show a lot of interest in the ministry someone is doing. Less often will a person reach out to hear how a missionary is doing personally.

Dear brothers and sisters, reach out to your siblings in Christ! Let them know they are loved and remembered. Bear one another’s burdens. Pray for one another.

It seems to me to be a biblical principle that those who help support a laborer for Christ will share in the reward that laborer is given. (Matt. 10:40-41, Phil. 1:3-7.) Whatever reward God might give me for the work I am doing now, many will be sharing in it.

Are there any rewards you’ll be sharing in?

I don’t know what this plant is, but it’s beautiful! We were awing over it outside. Then one of the girls picked it for her mom. We were a bit disappointed that we wouldn’t be able to watch it grow. “Mom, look what I picked for you!” “Oh. That’s sad.” 😂

Join in my reward! 😉 Please be praying…

  • For Bolivia as the election results come out
  • For continued rain
  • There’s going to be a biiiiig party at the children’s home this week to celebrate their electricity; lots of important people from the town nearby are invited! Pray that doors would open for the Gospel, doors of opportunity for physical and practical needs to be met would open, greater favor would be gained with local authorities and leaders, and more connections would be made. As well as everything going well for the big party, haha. 🙂

And for those wondering, Screwtape is doing really well. He seems to have recovered from his encounter with the broom, and got an enclosure upgrade this week!

Never forget our greatest reward, Jesus Christ Himself. Never stop pressing on so as to attain Him!

Looking unto Jesus,


7 thoughts on “Long Distance Fellowship | Week 8 Update

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    I'm glad you didn't have to go through that hardship. 🙂 And it is a delight to hear what God is doing in your life and in Bolivia. ❤

    Aww, sorry you won't get to watch the plant grow. 😦 Was it pulled up by the roots? Any hope it could come back? Or maybe… you'll find another one and hide it from the kids. XD

    I'll continue praying! ❤

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    1. ISN’T SHE??? And she kneeds when you pet her!

      It was cut off at the stem, sadly. Not sure if it’ll come back or not… but the rainy season is on its way, so hopefully more like it will start showing up soon! 😸

      Thanks for you continued prayers! 💜

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  2. Dear Olivia, Happy to know you are doing very well. Hello to CAT. Having a nice rain today. Learned much from the blog today. Love and prayers. Grandma

    Sent from my iPad


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Grandma! So good to hear from you! It’s a lot of fun to think of everyone back home being able to read of my adventures. 😄 Send some of that rain our way!!! I love you very much!


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