Upheaval and Orchids | Week 9 Update

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that Bolivia is in a state of civil unrest right now. Protesters are rioting in big cities, putting up blockades, and adding some extra excitement and stories to write home about in my life. 🙂

Things are mostly peaceful where I am. I’m certainly in no physical danger. But the blockades are causing supplies to run low in the cities and towns. Should this keep up for another week, we’re going to have to go into survival mode.

My soul has maintained a steadfast calm through this thus far; but I also feel pretty detached from what’s going on. Things were pretty normal this week, except that it felt more relaxed than normal at home because there are a lot of things you just can’t do when a country goes on strike!

The local blockade

The most exciting day this last week was Saturday. There were three volunteers at the children’s home who needed to leave Bolivia for various reasons, and with the blockades, their chances of getting out weren’t that great. Arrangements were made with a ministry in Bolivia called South American Missions, and they flew in their plane to take those volunteers to the Santa Cruz airport so they could fly out! So in case anyone’s worried about me being trapped here, there are options, haha. 😉

We also visited the local blockade! Which was a much better idea than it sounds, I promise. XD Things were very peaceful there. Tents were set up and a very low-key blockade party was going on.

Meet Marty! And the local airport. That airstrip’s just a liiiiiiitle different from the ones in the U.S., eh? 😂

At times I’m a bit star-struck; things I’m living through right now only happen in missionary biographies, right?!? Haha. Please do keep praying for peace in Bolivia. In many places, things are not as peaceful or well-supplied as they are for us. Pray that the blockades would lift and the strike would end. Pray that righteousness and justice would reign.

Pray for wisdom and continued peace for me. Fear hasn’t at all been a struggle of mine, but every now and then when my mind wanders to the possibility of the choices I might have to make or the harder living situations I might have to face, worry knocks on the door of my heart. By the grace of God I have been, and will continue to be, able to resist the bait for fear. But please pray that I won’t grow weary in that fight!

I’m confident that should hard things or hard decisions come, God will give me everything I need in that moment to walk through it with wisdom and joy. He has seen every moment of this upheaval and has made provision for every need I will have. Pray that my confidence would grow and be firmly rooted in Him!

My beautiful new orchid!

This weekend was supposed to be the orchid festival. The orchids here are in full bloom, and they are beautiful! As a gift the Yoders gave me my own orchid. She doesn’t have a name yet, but I’m sure this blog will hear about it when she gets one, haha. 🙂 A scorpion and an orchid… what’s next?

Please be praying…

  • For peace in Bolivia; an end to blockades and strikes and rioting.
  • For provision in the midst of the unrest.
  • That the church in Bolivia would be Gods instruments of peace; that all of us who are Christians would find rest and confidence in God.
  • For rain!!! We 2 had any for over a week and the grass is starting to turn brown!
  • That God would teach me what it looks like to operate a classroom according to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Thanks for all the love and support. 💕 Please feel free to reach out to me at any time! You are loved more than you could imagine – with an everlasting love from an everlasting Lover.

With joy in Christ,


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