Update | Weeks 10-11

Sorry I missed an update last week! Boy, has it been an interesting two weeks to be in Bolivia! Not that I’ve personally encountered much of the “interesting.” What a blessing it’s been to live in the countryside!

Bolivia’s political situation hasn’t improved. In fact, it seems to be continuing to get worse. We’re going into the fourth week of blockades and riots now. And somehow, supplies have continued to trickle into the nearest town.

Protestors did take a small break from the blockades last weekend – in honor of the Day of the Dead. One thing I’ve learned about Bolivia is they love their holidays and take them seriously! And it seems the ones they take the most seriously are the ones celebrating sin, death, and darkness. Pray that the light of Christ would break into these people’s hearts and cause them to turn away from every form of darkness!

Flowers being sold at the market for Día de Muertos

All that’s going on has challenged me in my resting in Jesus. I very practically have to trust Him with the future right now! This week the Lord sweetly lead me into a place where I was able to surrender it all into His hands and trust Him with the faith and love of a child. He is good, what He does is good, and where He leads will always be good!

Voices of fear do still knock at the door of my heart; pray for my endurance to continue to refuse them and instead choose the joy and peace of Christ!

Meet Muffin! Always a good way to relax… even if I am allergic to cats. 🐈 Also shameless Ellerslie plug! You should go 😉😆

In other news, the rains are coming back! It rained good and hard one day two weeks ago, and we had several light rains this past week. And with the rains have come butterflies – clouds of them! I walked into a group of them gathered in the dirt road on my way to school one day, and I literally feared inhaling them. XD I’ve been told this is just the beginning. I cannot wait to see them at their fullest!

Unfortunately the mosquitoes are also getting worse… but I can say from experience they aren’t yet as bad as summertime in Arkansas. XD

It was a treat to listen to the driving rain as I worked after school!

School for the students following a Bolivian schedule had it last day on Friday! It’ll just be me and my three students (and the occasional summer classes) in the schoolhouse until February! As you can imagine, that will change several dynamics for us, and I’ll have a few things to figure out as a teacher. Pray for wisdom and inspiration for me in that regard!

To summarize specific prayer points…

  • That peace and justice would come to Bolivia; that the riots and blockades would come to and end; that the unrest would cause hearts to turn toward Christ
  • That I would have endurance to continue to trust in Jesus, despite a constant temptation to fear
  • That I would have the wit and wisdom to know how to manage my little classroom well with all the other classrooms gone
  • For continued rain!

May your hearts rest in the joy and peace of Christ. Because He lives, and because He lives in us, those can be ours in abundance! And if Christ doesn’t live in you, I pray someday soon you will know His peace that passes understanding.

Blessings in Jesus,


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    1. The nice thing is that usually in the open air, my allergies don’t affect me. But the other day I sat with Muffin for too long and had s sore throat and congested lungs that night. Oh well. 😹 Thanks so much for your prayers! God is answering!

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