Update | Week 12

The turmoil continues here in Bolivia. But I have a feeling then events of this last week will be in future history books. The president of Bolivia resigned on Sunday, and an interim president is currently in office. One might think this change would bring peace, but in some places of Bolivia the violence got much worse when President Evo left.

Still, peace is reigning where I am, and the local blockade is gone! It felt like a luxury to drive straight into town, haha. Things like this serve as excellent reminders of the blessings we take for granted. Gas and vegetables are still a bit iffy, but hopefully things will continue to settle down and soon return to a sense of normalcy.

My casita (little house) mate got a puppy! Her name is Tilly and she’ll melt your heart in less than two seconds, guaranteed.

In the midst of all of this, I’ve been learning a lot about commanding my soul. Like the psalmist who commanded his soul to hope in God (Psalm 42), wait upon God (Psalm 62), bless the Lord (Psalm 103), and praise the Lord (Psalm 146). I’ve been learning what it looks like to command my soul to not fear, to hope in God, to rest in the Lord. I always know in my head that I should do those things, but the recent uproar meant I had to actively choose them against a temptation to fear and despair. I praise God for the work He is doing, for how He is bringing good from what the enemy meant for evil!

One fun event from this last week was the closing program for the kiddos following Bolivia’s school schedule! That includes the kiddos at the children’s home and then a few from a nearby village. My students are following an American schedule, so we’re still in full swing, but we got to be a part of the clausura (closing program) still. I even got to join in singing a few songs for the program, which meant learning songs in Spanish and Latin!

Clausura decorations, pre-party

So this week, things have been quieter at the school house. In one sense it gave us more flexibility, but with great flexibility come great responsibility, haha. More decisions for me to have to make. And recess can be a little sad without everyone else around. Pray that I would have the wisdom and creativity to use even recess to help grow these children into adults who love the Lord their God with all their hearts, souls, minds, and strength!

And also pray…

  • For peace and justice in Bolivia. Please pray that truth would reign and that the evil works of darkness would be exposed!
  • For provision of needed staff at the children’s home, and strength and endurance for the ones here.

May the Lord bless you all with a greater revelation of Himself!

His and yours,


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  1. Dear Olivia, Thank you for this update. Give Miss Tilley a hug for me. Quite chilly here which is some what early foe us. Praying for your intentions and for you especially. Hugs, love and prayers. Gma

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    1. Hi, Grandma! Thanks for your note! I’ll gladly give that sweet puppy a hug for you! 🐶 Dad sent me a picture of the snow last week! It’s hard to believe there’s snow there – it’s hard to believe that it’s November at all as warm as the weather is here, haha. Thanks so much for your prayers! I love you! 💕

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  2. THAT PUPPY IS SO CUTE! She truly melts hearts! I’m so glad in the midst of chaos Jesus is our peace and He is your peace. How in the midst of great storms God uses nature and animals even to quiet us, “Look what I did, I’m still here.”

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    1. It’s so true! He’s so often using the things He created here to turn my thoughts back to Him. The clouds of butterflies and flocks of parrots, the tropical plants. Olivia, I made all this, and I brought you here. I love you and I will take care of you. Rest your heart and walk with Me; I will take care of the rest.

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