Update | Week 16

Thursday was definitely the highlight this week! A month after their last day of school, the Bolivian-schedule-following-students that we share a schoolhouse with went on a field trip – and my little class and I got to go along!

Boating at Las Piedras

We went to a small park called Las Piedras. There are rocks (tah-dah!), a lake, cabins, and a herd of water buffalo 🐃 out there. Anyone else out there who grew up with Veggie Tales knows what song was stuck in my head all day…

(And on top of that, the pet cat, Muffin, is very pregnant. Every time I see her, I fight the temptation to start singing, “This is a song for your pregnant kitty. She looks uncomfy; I’m sure I’d be too…” But we might have kittens for Christmas, so that’s exciting!)

Friday we did some Christmas shopping and I got to visit the feria 🎡 going on to celebrate the town of Concepción! Little markets huddled under tarps and some of the classic fair rides in a field. It was a fun place to visit!

The feria

It hardly feels like Christmas can be less than two weeks away. It feels far to warm and Christmas music isn’t being played everywhere you go. Stores and houses aren’t all decked out. But still, I am treasuring another season of Advent, of remembering the first time out Lord kept His promise to come to us and looking forward to His second Advent that is yet to come.

Praying this season is a treasure for you, too!

Art class 🪐

Here are some ways you can pray for me:

  • Pray for enthusiasm and inspiration for this last week of school before the Christmas break. The days before a break are always the hardest! Spanish says it best: it’s like your “ganas” are gone. So pray for extra ganas for us as we finish up 2019!
  • Pray for staff for the orphanage, especially for administration!

May your hearts find rest in our Jesus!

For Him,


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