Embracing Jesus | Week 19 Update

Happy New Year, everyone! 🎆

I got to celebrate the arrival of 2020 by camping with the Yoders! It was a ton of fun and a refreshment to the soul. And there was something so profound about waking up to the dawn of the new year on a mountain in Bolivia. I don’t know what all God has in store for 2020, but I can’t wait to watch it play out. He only does wondrous things!

Sunrise at Las Alturas

This last week, it hit me how much I was missing and at times physically craving the comforts of home. Things like soft carpet that allows you to lay comfortably on the floor whoever you want. Air conditioning to give you relief from uncomfortable temperatures. Being able to communicate with ease with anyone I met. Having access to WiFi almost everywhere – being able to use the internet as I teach and being able to watch as much YouTube as I want.

(Okay, technically I COULD watch as much YouTube as I want. I would just be paying for every megabyte of it, haha…)

I think the coming and going of the holidays made me miss such things even more. What I didn’t realize was that I had started to close myself off to what the Holy Spirit wanted to do in me because I was feeling sorry for myself. Unintentionally, I put up a self-defensive wall. Not that doing so unintentionally makes that less of a problem.

A friend spoke into my life, and God gave her the discernment to realize what might be going on in my soul. When I brought all of this to God, He accepted my repentance and brought me into a beautiful renewal of soul.

Choosing to embrace the miniature hardships, rejoice in these little trials, and thank God for the minor discomforts I’m feeling, gave fresh wind to my sails. It’s as if once I chose joy, Jesus gave me an over abundance of it so that I wouldn’t run out as I spent it. 🙂 When you think of it, do pray for me that I would embrace all that God has for me in this season (while also exercising the wisdom of not forcing myself to embrace any difficulty that isn’t necessary).

Oh friends, when we embrace HIM, the result is always LIFE!

Here is a two-week-old kitten. Because nothing says life like a kitten! 😸 Muffin’s babies 🙂

One special moment this last week was when one of the girls from the children’s home stopped by to give me a scorpion to replace Screwtape! It had been crawling across their kitchen floor, and since I had recently lost Screwtape they thought of me, haha. I still haven’t figured out a name for the new one yet… 🦂

A volunteer for the children’s home will be arriving on Friday this week! I’ll be going into the city to pick up my Bolivian ID card when she comes. She’s a dear friend, so I’m very excited for that! Please pray for safety for her and us as we travel, and a good transition for her and the kiddos and staff at the children’s home!

I knew I’d been accepted into the family when the dogs started following me on walks.

Also pray…

  • For staff for the children’s home!
  • For provision of teachers for the orphanage’s school
  • For spiritual protection and discernment for me and the Yoders
  • For fresh inspiration as we near the halfway point of the school year!

May our wondrous Jesus fill you with His life as you embrace all that He is!

With joy in our Jesus,


10 thoughts on “Embracing Jesus | Week 19 Update

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  1. I’m so grateful the Lord spoke to you. Refinement is tough. To purge gold means all impurities are taken out of it. That’s not easy. But when we put on the yoke of Jesus, He is right with us, and His way is best. ❤

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  2. Hi! Happy New Year to you, too!
    I started wondering why I hadn’t seen anything from you for a while. When I got on your blog, I saw the follow button instead of the following button. *sighs* I think I followed your other blog and not this one. Ugh. *crosses eyes* Silly me! 🙂
    What darling little kittens!
    Yes, I think a lot of people would fall into that self-pity thing. It took me a long time to realize that pity parties are really no fun at all. So glad you’re choosing joy!! Rejoicing is the party that will keep giving and giving and giving! It can potentially make any circumstance an occasion worth remembering!

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    1. Oh my, haha! I’m glad you were able to figure that out!

      Pity parties are the worst, but feel so deserved when one throws them… Isn’t it good of Jesus to open our eyes to how bad pity parties are?

      Choosing to rejoice can change so much! What a gift God has given us in this. It’s an effective weapon against temptation and such a wonderful way to fix our eyes on our beautiful Lord. 🙂

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      1. Yes, I’m so glad that Jesus is good enough to help us out of the messes we get ourselves into, including the pity parties! I’m glad He wants what’s best for us!
        I’ve never heard of joy as a weapon; do you mean in the sense that God inhabits the praises of His people?

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      2. One of my mentors once talked about thanksgiving as a weapon to “whip the Devil with,” haha. When I am rejoicing, giving thanks to God, I am not giving myself space for sin. It’s like an offensive weapon, proactively guarding my heart and mind from discontentment, self-pity, etc. When I am focused on praising, thanking, and rejoicing in Jesus, I won’t fall to the temptations that self, sin, and Satan have to offer!

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