Week 20 Update

This last week marched by pretty normally for me, but this last weekend was delightfully different! One fun event that took place during the week was a group from YWAM in Chile coming by the orphanage to bless the kiddos. I missed it, but by the stories I’ve heard and pictures and videos I’ve seen, I can tell it was a great visit.

Another fun little thing is that I’ve been able to teach everyone a tune for Juan 3:16 that I learned from a Spanish teacher at the last school I taught with! It’s fun to think of God storing up little things like that in each of His children, ready to be pulled out and bless those around them.

Now, Friday this week was a BIG day! The first thing I got to do was help pick up a friend of mine who came to volunteer at the children’s home! Susanna loves Jesus very much, and she will be here for the next three months. Keep her in your prayers as she pours out to see the Kingdom of God advanced in these precious kids!

Susanna and me!

I almost had the chance to donate blood for a very sick little girl, Valentina, on Friday. Long story short, the donation ended up not being needed, and she passed away that afternoon. It was a heavy thing, and it felt odd to be carrying the emotions of that along with the joy of having received Susanna. One thing I kept thinking about all afternoon was that creation is groaning. Things are not as they are meant to be. The world is messed up. But one day, Jesus will return and fix it all. Come, Lord Jesus!

Our last stop on Friday was Ventura mall to pick up my carnet (ID card)!!! So I’m officially officially a Bolivian resident now!!! (Again, not a citizen, just a resident. 🙂)

Maracuyá – aka Passion Fruit flower. This stunning flower is just growing in the Yoder’s front yard!

I got to enjoy the bus ride home with Susanna. It was a joy to be able to talk to her about mutual friends and hear about how things are in familiar places. As I was thinking about the comfort and security that comes with familiarity, I wondered what it would look like for Jesus to be all the familiarity I needed. What would it look like to go into the most unfamiliar place, but still feel at home because I knew Jesus was right there with me? Because I felt the familiarity of His presence and guidance, recalled the familiarity of His Word?

Always, Jesus is enough!

Three-week-old kittens cuddling with each other. You’re welcome. 😏😸

Please be praying…

  • For a good transition for Susanna and unity among the staff at the children’s home
  • For those who loved Valentina as they grieve her loss
  • For continued wisdom and inspiration for me as I teach
  • That God would bring staff and teachers for the children’s home

God bless you all abundantly!

In Christ,


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  1. Thank you for the beautiful update. Happy you have a friend now. I treasure your emails and updates.Love you and you are in my prayers. Grandma

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  2. Good Evening Olivia. My therapist says hello from the Getts family. Yes, Eddy Getts was here when I answered your update today. Emily, Gabriel and Luke and the 5 adopted really good people. Small world. Love and prayers Grandma.

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