Longing | Week 24 Update

It was another unique week here in Bolivia – though it seems more and more that unique is the normal. 🙂

Not sure what kind of flower this is, but it sure is pretty! 😅 It’s growing at the children’s home.

My grandma had heart surgery toward the start of the week. It was hard to be away from home with something like that going on. I wanted so much to be able to be at the hospital, cheering her on in person.

Yet it was a sweet thing to be able to pray for her, and to know that those prayers mattered and were heard. There was also a sweetness in having a new opportunity to entrust those I love to Jesus. I guess I have to remember that I am able to love my loved ones from a distance; it just looks different than loving them when they are close by.

Preparing for the wedding reception!

The most exciting event of last week was a wedding! A Bolivian couple that loves the Lord wanted dearly to get married and asked for help in putting the wedding together. The family I’m living with handled the reception, which means I had the joy of helping put that together!

It refreshed my soul to see the love of the body of Christ practically played out in serving that couple, and to see the passion for Christ that the groom has. But what filled my heart the most after the wedding was the reminder that Jesus is coming again. The Lamb will be married to His bride. How my soul longs for that glorious day!

The newlyweds, Raul and Milca 😊

As always, here are some ways you can be praying for me and the work down here!

  • This coming week will mark our 100th day of school, and our last week until the Bolivian students start again! Pray for continued inspiration for me, and a fantastic start for those beginning school next week!
  • Keep praying for staff for the children’s home, especially for men and houseparents.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and love. Jesus loves you so very much!

Blessings in Him,


5 thoughts on “Longing | Week 24 Update

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  1. The flower reminds me of my Asian lilies. Maybe Bolivian lilies? If that exists? XD Or tiger lilies? Its screaming lily for some reason. Whatever it is, it is lovely. ❤

    Aww a wedding how cool! 😀

    I'll be praying for those things and your grandma! ❤

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