Pray for Bolivia! 🇧🇴

Hello, dear friends!

So this Sunday is the primaries for Bolivia’s presidential election! The joke going around is that everyone enjoy these last few of Bolivia’s peaceful days… 😜 Please keep Bolivia in your prayers as it heads into this election. We’re expecting crazy and exciting times to ensue afterward, no matter who gets elected.

Pray for peace and justice in Bolivia. Pray against corruption, and that corruption would be exposed. Pray that the man who would honor God will be elected.

Pray for safety for Bolivians who have to travel to vote, and safety through any kind of protesting that might come after the election. Pray for wisdom for all of us.

Pray that the church in Bolivia will shine like a city on a hill in the midst of any coming chaos. Pray that hearts will be opened to the Gospel, and that faithful men and women of God will be found preaching the Gospel to those who have ears to hear.

Thank you all so much!

With confidence in our God and excitement to watch what He will do,


8 thoughts on “Pray for Bolivia! 🇧🇴

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  1. These were the same prayers for the elections of my home state and the US. The drive to power of both parties remains a spiritual stronghold that enemy exploits. Thanks for the reminder today! How strange to live in a nation that is so consistently inventive and creative, yet cannot faithfully tally the votes of its citizens?! Lord, You are our hope and justice. Will You expose, make the citizensvaware, and function where our systems of law are broken to tip the scales of justice into perfect balance?

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    1. Things like this remind me of Psalm 2. Even if the kings of earth try to rise up against the King of Heaven, He will laugh at them and hold them in derision! It’s so good to remember that no matter how dark or unjust things seem on earth, the Judge of all the earth will come and set all things right. Jesus will never leave His throne! Hallelujah!

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