Back in Bolivia!

I’ve been back in Bolivia for a little over three months now, and so much has happened! Life here is as full as ever; sometimes a little more full than we think we can handle, but as always, God is faithful through it all.

A scene from the market during the dry season. Smoke from wildfires made the sky that color. The white dot in the sky is the sun.

Experiencing the dry seasons here has given me an appreciation for rain that I doubt I will ever lose. The rains came late this year, which left everything from humans to trees yearning for heaven’s blessing and feeling very wilty in the meantime. But praise God, the rains have come again, and everything is almost shockingly green. It’s amazing how quickly the world springs to life when the rains return!

We’ve had a great start to school. I’m seeing ways my students have grown since I started with them two years ago! They are overcoming mountains. I’m so thankful to be able to spend multiple years as their teacher and have the blessing of seeing their growth and achievements over the years.

Bolivia has been interesting politically lately. There have been protests and nationwide blockades over laws that many citizens found unconstitutional. There are protests over land disputes, and now there is the threat of vaccination being required to enter certain buildings.

In the midst of all this, we are working to get my visa renewed. I got a two-year visa two years ago, so naturally it’s time to apply for another. I stood in line for literally eight hours this week in order to get one of the papers required for the renewal. So it’s not the easiest thing to do! There are still a few more papers to gather before everything can be submitted to immigration.

Meet Liberty!!!

A couple weeks ago, I was finally able to purchase my moto! 🏍 Her name is Liberty. I’ve driven her twice now, but I have a bit more learning to do before I’ll be ready to drive her into town!

And very soon my boyfriend will be finishing his studies in Camiri and living in Concepción once again. Though I’m thankful for the things the Lord has done in us and taught us through having a long-distance relationship, we are both very excited to be done with this season and be living in the same town again!


So there’s a general update of how things are here. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into the habit of sharing regular updates! But for now, it would mean so much if you would pray:

  • For justice, peace, and stability in Bolivia
  • For favor as we work to get my visa renewed
  • For wisdom and inspiration as I teach my students
  • For safety as I learn to drive my moto
  • For wisdom and direction for Juan Luis and me as we continue in our relationship and transition back to being in the same town
  • For me as I face the natural loneliness and missing my family that comes with being far from them over the holidays

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all!

In Him,


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  1. Rein makes things beautiful. Nice to see you Thanksgiving. Very nice being with everyone including Tank, Hazel and Samie and the chickens. Sun today. I am doing okay. God is good. Enjoy Luis again. Hugs and Prayers. Grandma

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