Hope | Week 41 Update

A week ago, I thought I’d be writing this update from the United States, and then taking a break from this blog while I enjoyed my time at home. Then my flight from Bolivia to the United States was canceled. Then I found out that there are no flights to the US currently available until July. So it seems my adventure in Bolivia is going to keep going longer than expected!

Some furry friends live at the mission base I’m staying at. They have a way of reminding me that I’m loved. 🐶

All of this was hard to accept at first. I usually don’t struggle with being homesick, but when my expectations came crashing down, I just wanted to be home. To see my family. To hug my dad on Father’s Day. To splash through a creek somewhere in Indiana.

And the challenge to my soul was this: choose hope.

The truth is, I have every reason to hope, and to rejoice, in the middle of disappointment. Ours is a God of redemption. He works out everything for good for those who love Him. His will is my sanctification and He is working good in me as I wait. He is sovereign, and none of what has befallen me is out of His control.

Even knowing all that truth, hope had to be a choice for me. I didn’t really feel like hoping at first. But as I chose to believe what is true over what I felt, what I felt began to match what is true.

I do have hope now – genuine hope. I receive my current lot and choose to rejoice in it.

And there are precious gifts I can rejoice in. I’m in a safe and peaceful place, surrounded by friends who love Jesus. I have WiFi and hot water (oh you guys, washing dishes with hot water is such a luxury you have no idea 😂) and access to a drying machine!!! I feel a bit spoiled.

My one big struggle is lack of responsibilities leaving me with lack of motivation. There’s definitely lots I could be doing! But I’ve been struggling with gathering the desire to do it. 😅 So you can pray for me there! And you can also pray…

  • That a flight would open up before July! Like, that it would open up this week! Tomorrow!
  • God would send volunteers to the orphanage.
  • That everything that God is wanting me to learn in this season, everything He is wanting to do in my soul, would be completely worked in me.

Dear Christian, precious in God’s sight, you are never forgotten by our Father and you always have reason to hope. May our Father shower you with His goodness!

In Him,


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