Update | Week Two

School has begun for my three students! Our first week of school was great. I’m getting a good feel for the strengths and weaknesses of my students and now I’m working through the challenge of how best to help each one. Please pray that the Lord would give me the wisdom and creativity of Heaven itself as I work to figure this out!

My three students

One thing that stood out to me this week was the love of the body of Christ. I have been so warmly and enthusiastically welcomed into the Yoder family (the missionaries I am serving and living with), into the school I am teaching at, and into the hearts of the children at the children’s home. The hospitality of everyone around me has given me joy in the love of God, reminding me of the rest and confidence that I have in Him. I don’t have to earn His love any more than I’ve had to earn the love of my brothers and sisters in the Lord here in Bolivia.

Much to my hearts delight, the school where my little class meets is also the school the kiddos from the children’s home go to. Every day I get to see those precious little ones. And I’ve had plenty of opportunities besides to enjoy them and play with them, since the Yoders administrate for the children’s home. It has so blessed my heart how these children have embraced me and are always so excited to see me!

My little corner of the schoolhouse (before the finishing touches)

Someone said this week, “Hospitality isn’t about inviting people into our perfect homes; it’s about inviting people into our imperfect hearts.” I’ve been thoroughly welcomed into the hearts of many here, and the Lord is helping me to learn to welcome others into mine. I’m excited for what I’ll continue to learn through the life of Christ lived out in my brothers and sisters in Him!

Please pray…

  • That I would have the wisdom and creativity of Heaven to figure out how best to strengthen my students where they are weak, encourage them where they are strong, and teach them to run to Jesus with every need, no matter how small it feels.
  • For an end to the drought and fires my part of Bolivia is experiencing. It’s worse than it’s been in several years, and with elections coming up in Bolivia in November, it’s being used as political leverage.
  • That I would be diligent in studying and fearless in practicing Spanish, and that I would quickly be able to have conversations with others in Spanish! (I do know quite a bit of Spanish, and can understand the majority of what is spoken to me, but I have a hard time speaking it still.)

¡Qué Dios les bendiga!

With love in Christ,


God of Wonders

Take the very hardest thing in your life – the place of difficulty, outward or inward, and expect God to triumph gloriously in that very spot.  Just there He can bring your soul into blossom.

Lilias Trotter, Parables of the Cross

To My Comrades

Comrades in this solemn fight – this awful conflict with awful powers – let us settle it as something that cannot be shaken: we are here to live holy, loving, lowly lives. We cannot do this unless we walk very, very close to our Lord Jesus. Anything that would hinder us from the closest walk possible to us till we see Him face to face is not for us.

Amy Carmichael, God’s Missionary

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